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  • abraham hernandez

    I started using the butter cream product about 1 year ago. I get horrible rashes and bug bites kill me. I used the typical soothing cream but once it wore off I was back to scratching the bite sites until they bled.

    Once I got the cream, it soothed the itch and also healed the bites causing the scabbing and healing process to speed up 10 times faster. I have also used it for mild scars and it heals the wounds dramatically. I would recommend any of the products they sell. They have been a life saver.

  • Tobias Aguilera Jr.

    I have been searching for some time now for a CBD cream that is not greasy, irritating or a sham. So when I heard yet about another CBD cream by a friend…I was skeptical at first. Boy was I glad I gave it a chance! Immediately, I saw the difference and knew this product was superior quality! I choose Whipped Body Butter from Botanical Quests as part of my lifestyle. And you should too.


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