Botanical Quests

The journey started 20 years ago when as an athlete wanting to find a competitive edge, I started studying macro, micro nutrition and hormones. Through this research is when I noticed not all in the supplement world was healthy or was meant to be.

Most products were full of fillers, not organic, had GMO’s, were full of pesticides, and extracted through harmful toxic solvents. Nobody knew where the products came from or much about the companies. The dosages for the active ingredients were nowhere close to being high enough to be effective. These findings led to researching biodynamic farming techniques, certified organic and fair trade growers, non GMO suppliers and manufacturers.

After sourcing bulk material and creating my own products. Throughout the next 11 years, countless hours were spent researching ailments and cataloging herbal formulas. With this knowledge I was able to successfully make formulas for my family, friends and their friends. Now that the catalog and sources for materials are all about locked into place. I am ready to make this hobby a business. This has always been a part life and there is no better way to spend your time than doing what you were always inspired to do.


Our goals are to offer far superior products at a fair price, donate 2% of all profits to organizations (Wounded Warrior Project and Covenant House and others) that mean a great deal to us all while making the world healthier with holistic alternatives.