Why not just do a fast instead of a detox system?

There is a huge difference between detoxification and fasting, and yet the words tend to be used interchangeably. To detox is to facilitate the removal of toxins from the body whereas fasting is a severe restriction of calories. A fast may be a water fast where no nutrients are consumed, but the typical fast is to eliminate all solid foods while drinking a lot of fluids, including juices, to flush out the body.

Be sure to do specific research for any program you try, or develop your own based on your needs.

Can I take Herbal Detox while fasting?

Herbal Detox makes a great addition to a fast. During a 3 day water or juice fast you can take it as stated in the instructions. Longer than 3 days raw foods should be added.

An example fast longer than 3 days would be. 2 days consuming raw vegetables and fruits followed by 3 days of water and or juice. Ending with 2 more days with raw fruits and vegetables. Now you have the option to take Herbal Detox during your fast or take it after your fast. It will work great in conjunction with or following your fast.

Why is Herbal Detox so expensive?

Ingredients we use are either organic or wild crafted. All of our ingredients are tested for purity. They are the highest of quality and quality doesn’t come cheap. Having said that we are extremely competitively priced considering the quality of our ingredients and the amount of the ingredients provided. At almost half the price of our closest competitors we are proud to offer a product that is affordable to a larger scale of the population that desperately needs help.

Why not just take a laxative?


Most laxatives are extremely dangerous. Laxatives come in 5 forms “see our blog post that completely describes these laxatives and their functions”.  Fiber based softeners/bulking agents, osmotic, lubricant, emollient and stimulants. Commonly used are chemical osmotic and chemical/herbal stimulants due to their fast action. We feel the safest and most healing but slowest to be fiber based. Second would be the salt water flush “see our blog post about the salt water flush” or herbal stimulants.

Their objective is to clear the intestinal tract of blockages and debris. To relieve constipation.

Excluding Fiber based laxatives these should not be taken in excess or on a regular basis! Herbal stimulants shouldn’t be taken for more than 5 consecutive days! Chemical laxatives  and the salt water flush shouldn’t be taken more than once a week!

Since we can’t take the Herbal Detox long term, will there be a product of just fiber that I can take long term?

Yes! We are! we are currently working on and hope to have Botanical Quest “Ultimate Fiber” and  “Herbal Detox +”.Ultimate Fiber will be a blend of strictly the best fiber the world has to offer accompanied by a couple herbs to aid in the process of digestion. While Herbal Detox + will have all the same benefits of the original Herbal Detox with a couple herbal stimulants added for those with extreme conditions.

Is CBD oil?

Is CBD oil legal?

Yes – CBD oil obtained from hemp is legal, because the FDA considers hemp-derived cannabinoids to be food-based products, so their importation and consumption is not restricted. However, it is not legal to grow hemp in most of the US states. For this reason, a lot of companies producing CBD oil or other cannabidiol-rich supplements, source their hemp from countries where it is legal to grow it. However Our hemp oil is sourced from a USDA certified Organic farm that grows under the 2014 Hemp Farm Bill. Industrial hemp can be legally grown in most countries and CBD oil can be purchased in most of those countries.

How is CBD oil obtained?

Botanical Quests uses oil that exclusively uses the Vapor Distillation™ process to extract all cannabinoids and beneficial terpenes from the USDA certified organic hemp. The Vapor Distillation™ process uses heated air to gently extract both the cannabinoids and beneficial terpenes without the use of chemicals or harsh solvents. Heated air is passed through our hemp flowers to evaporate the cannabinoids and terpenes from the surface of the hemp in the form of a vapor. This vapor is then collected and condensed into a terpene-rich, full true-spectrum high CBD extract.

Does CBD oil cause side effects?

Hemp is considered generally safe, so there shouldn’t be any significant side effects of CBD, but we can’t rule them out as it really depends on how your body tolerates and adapts to these dietary supplements. We recommend to consult your physician before using any dietary supplement, including our CBD oil.

How much CBD oil should I take?

This really depends on which product you are using, how you use it and how your body adapts to it. We recommend starting with 1 drop per serving, once or twice a day and see if this dosage works for you. If not up the dose to 2 drops per serving. If it’s the first time you’re using a hemp  oil supplement, we encourage you to discuss with your healthcare practitioner if you have specific questions.

More than just Full-Spectrum?


Botanical Quests extracts are Flash Activated™ in less than two seconds, so the plant’s natural terpene profile is preserved. By using Flash Activation™, our extracts contain the highest level of naturally-occurring terpenes of any activated edible extract. Since terpenes are required to experience the full effects of CBD and other cannabinoids, our customers report that our terpene-rich extracts are more potent than those produced with other extraction methods.
When a hemp plant produces CBD, it is produced in the form of CBDA. For CBD to be available to the body, the naturally occurring CBDA must be converted to CBD. This process is known in the hemp industry as activation or decarboxylation and is accomplished by heating the CBDA until it chemically converts to CBD. Conventional methods of activating CBD include exposing it to high heat for 45 minutes to several hours until most of the CBDA is converted to CBD. This conventional activation process drives off and destroys most of the plants volatile terpenes, in turn lowering the efficacy of the oil.
Flash Activation™ preserves our hemp plants’ naturally occurring terpenes and results in a more potent and effective extract and in conjunction with a full cannabinoid profile, we are able to maximize the “entourage effect”. The “entourage effect” essentially meaning that all cannabinoids and terpenes are working together to provide the most effective benefits.

If CBD is obtained from hemp, does it mean I will get high from consuming it?

No You will not get high from CBD oil. CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the two most prominent cannabinoids in the Cannabis plant, the other one being THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Both of them occur in this plant naturally, and can be found in higher or lower concentrations, depending on the part of the plant we refer to.

CBD is not psychoactive, which means you cannot get high from cannabidiol-rich products. Conversely, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a strong psychoactive substance which gets you stoned. As long as you consume products made of specially-bred industrial hemp plants, you shouldn’t experience any unwanted effects. Hemp contains little to no THC, while recreational cannabis can contain between 5% and 20% THC.

Can CBD oil cure any condition?

We produce CBD oil that is sold as a dietary supplement, so we’re not making any medical claims. However we do encourage you to research this topic yourself, as there are trustworthy websites where you’ll find studies on the effects and benefits of cannabidiol in various conditions. We may refer to such studies here, but only to inform you about them. Our CBD products are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease although it is quite possible those suffering from any one or more of a variety of ailments could see benefit from taking CBD.

Why should I use Botanical Quests CBD oil instead of relying on cannabinoids from marijuana?

Technically, cannabinoids from marijuana and cannabinoids from hemp are the same, meaning that they have the same properties. However, hemp contains very little to no THC. Perhaps just 10ths of one percent. Marijuana on the other hand is very high in THC (usually between 10% and 25%) and makes you high. This is why you should opt for hemp CBD oil if you intend to use it as a food supplement. If you take THC with CBD, the effects of THC will be diminished as CBD attaches to the same receptors in the endocannabinoid system.

Where does Botanical Quests hemp Oil come from?

Botanical Quests hemp oil is produced from Colorado grown USDA certified organic hemp. The concentrated hemp oil extract that we source from our carefully selected grower provides the best balance of cannabinoids and highest purity cannabidiol. The Farm Also uses BioDynamic farming techniques and  practices a “zero-waste” grow and production process.

Is vapor distillation better than CO2 extraction?

CO2 extracted hemp oils contain high levels of carbonic acid, which can impart a sour flavor to food products. Ethanol extracted hemp oils contain plant chlorophylls and water-soluble fractions that can impart a bitter flavor to food products. Butane, Hexane, and Pentane extracted oils are not considered organic and can contain chemical adulterants.
Botanical Quests hemp extract is the first naturally-extracted hemp extract on the market that is completely free of chlorophylls and carbonic acid and therefore does not impart undesired flavors to food. By exclusively using Vapor Distillation™ to extract our cannabinoids and terpenes, our extract has a neutral, nutty, sweet flavor that is barely noticeable and mixes well into all food products and nutritional supplements.

Orders and Returns

Order processing time?

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Who should I to contact if I have any queries?

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