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***IMPORTANT: California has issued a temporary ban on CBD derived from hemp due to the vast majority of the oil being contaminated and toxic. CBD derived from hemp MUST FOLLOW biodynamic farming techniques, be Organic and not be extracted with any chemical solvents. New regulations to put these techniques in place are being written now! The farm we source from is practicing all these techniques and more. The only USDA certified organic farm producing CBD oil.


Our USDA certified organic, non GMO, biodynamically farmed CBD tinctures contain the 70% full spectrum concentrate that is used in all our other CBD products. We then Process it in Organic MCT and Grapeseed oil to make it more bioavailable and easier to absorb through the skin. A CBD Oil that can be used both topically and internally. Learn more about our CBD below!

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Organic MCT Oil

Our Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT Oil – Medium Chain Triglycerides) is made from the highest quality coconuts with the lauric acid removed. When applied to the skin it acts as a high quality moisturizer.

Organic Grapeseed Oil, Virgin

Our Organic Grapeseed Oil is made by cold pressing the organic grape seeds (Vitis vinifera), which is the best way to attain the fullest flavor and most health benefits from the oil. Virgin Grapeseed Oil has a bolder, more prominent nutty flavor than the conventional oil. Grapeseed Oil is low in saturated fat, contains no cholesterol, and is rich in proanthocyanidins (OPC).

Grapeseed Oil is a good source of Vitamin E, and because of its smooth texture, it is great carrier oil for skin care products, and is especially useful for skin types that do not absorb oils well because it does not leave a greasy feeling.

Organic Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil

Our USDA certified organic, Biodynamically farmed, Non GMO, Full spectrum, 70% concentrate extract is the best all natural CBD you will find. At this point, under the 2014 Hemp Farm Bill. The farm is the only USDA certified organic farm in the U.S. Our oils currently have zero THC. 


A Vapor Distillation process is used to extract all cannabinoids and beneficial terpenes from the USDA certified organic hemp. The Vapor Distillation process uses heated air to gently extract both the cannabinoids and beneficial terpenes without the use of chemicals or harsh solvents. Heated air is passed through our hemp flowers to evaporate the cannabinoids and terpenes from the surface of the hemp in the form of a vapor. This vapor is then collected and condensed into a terpene-rich, full true-spectrum high CBD extract.

Extracts are then Flash Activated in less than two seconds, so the plant’s natural terpene profile is preserved. By using Flash Activation, the extracts contain the highest level of naturally-occurring terpenes of any activated edible extract. Since terpenes are required to experience the full effects of CBD and other cannabinoids, it has been reported that our terpene-rich extracts are more potent than those produced with other extraction methods.

When a hemp plant produces CBD, it is produced in the form of CBDA. For CBD to be available to the body, the naturally occurring CBDA must be converted to CBD. This process is known in the hemp industry as activation or decarboxylation and is accomplished by heating the CBDA until it chemically converts to CBD. Conventional methods of activating CBD include exposing it to high heat for 45 minutes to several hours until most of the CBDA is converted to CBD. This conventional activation process drives off and destroys most of the plants volatile terpenes, in turn lowering the efficacy of the oil.

Flash Activation is used to preserves the hemp plants’ naturally occurring terpenes and results in a more potent and effective extract and in conjunction with a full cannabinoid profile, the “entourage effect” is maximized. The “entourage effect” essentially meaning that all cannabinoids and terpenes are working together to provide the most effective benefits.


More reasons why its superior:

CO2 extracted hemp oils contain high levels of carbonic acid, which can impart a sour flavor to food products. Ethanol extracted hemp oils contain plant chlorophylls and water-soluble fractions that can impart a bitter flavor to food products. Butane, Hexane, and Pentane extracted oils are not considered organic and can contain chemical adulterants.

This hemp extract is the first naturally-extracted hemp extract on the market that is completely free of chlorophylls and carbonic acid and therefore does not impart undesired flavors to food. By exclusively using Vapor Distillation to extract our cannabinoids and terpenes, our extract has a neutral, nutty, sweet flavor that is barely noticeable and mixes well into all food products and nutritional supplements.

The USDA certified organic hemp greenhouse also practices biodynamic farming techniques that enlist only predator insects for pest control and also practice a “zero-waste” grow and production process.

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